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The olive oil is an unequally health beneficial product.

Aegean Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Theorema olive oil is an organic extra virgin olive oil, it is produced on the island of Pythagoras from an old variety of olive trees, Troumbolia, which is been cultivated for two centuries by Valsamidis family, in its own olive groves on the northern side of Samos. A rare organic product dedicated to Pythagoras and his home country. It’s a unique olive oil, certified by Agrocert as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product of Samos.

Aegean Geometric
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This extra virgin olive oil is produced from the famous Mediterranean variety, Koroneiki. The trees are cultivated on Samos Island, at an altitude 580m ranging from the surface of the sea. It is an excellent olive oil with special aromas and taste. 

Virgin Olive Oil

An excellent combination of virgin olive oils made from Troumbolia variety. The olive groves are cultivated with special care on the island of Pythagoras, at an altitude of 280 meters ranging from sea level. 

Theorema is a native gift of Samos for those who consume olive oil appreciate it's high nutrition value.

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